I’m Dan, a.k.a @damageboy.
I don’t even know for sure why/how I got to my Internet nick-name; I remember it was in frustration over not managing to get another nickname I did want on some site early in the 1990s, but somehow, it stuck, and like most people in my generation, I have a hard time letting it go, even though I’m not sure what is the exact relationship between us two anymore…

At some early point in my life (in the 1980s), my parents, being immigrants and super focused on securing a future for their children shoved a keyboard in front of my face. I’m pretty sure it was around age 6-7. I know for sure it was a Commodore 128:

Since that moment, for a pretty long time in my life, everything else has been one big blur :)

I really dig machines. Always have, always will. I have this uncanny attention to details about machines and in general. I like thinking about them, in particular and in abstract, and I’m not entirely bad at it. I can watch, learn and imagine silly and amazing things they do for hours. I like taking them apart, and even occasionally putting them back together. I also enjoy participating in the art of making them do crazy stuff they weren’t necessarily planned to do…

Other than that, I also really enjoy all kinds of (mostly instrumental) music, movies but mostly hiking, climbing, running and various demanding physical activities that involve being out in nature. That specific discovery came rather late in my life, but I do feel very passionate about that side of my brain too.

I guess my perfect day would involve waking in some remote nature surrounded location, solve some really complicated programming / technical problem that would turn my brain into a mush, and leave for a 4 hour hike where I’d end up on a side of some cliff being really careful thinking about my next step.

Someone who once spent a very short time with me, observed that:

He does not believe in moderation…

I’ve come to think that person was right.