This page lists various talks I’ve given, and also links to video recording where/when available.

As luck would have it, These decks are blessed by the powers that be with various SVG animations; to that end, I’ve incorporated a visual aid to make that clear.
Hint: These animations are triggered by your mouse pointer / finger-touch inside them. The animations will immediately stop/freeze once the pointer is out of the drawing area, and resume again when inside…
Use this wisely. From here-on, I’ll use the following icon when I have a thing-a-majig that animates:

Previous talks:

When Title Where Deck Recording
2019-10-10 Intrinsics in CoreCLR 3.0: Rewriting QuickSort dotnetos 2019
Warsaw, Poland
Come back in November 2019
2019-11-06 Intrinsics in CoreCLR 3.0: Rewriting QuickSort DotNext Moscow 2019
Moscow, Russia